PMF Inc., NMLS # 389790
142 W Platt Street, Suite 118
Tampa, Florida 33606

Oliver graduated with a BABA and a minor in Economics from the Warrington College of Business at The University of Florida in 2001. With over 13 years in the mortgage industry, Oliver has a variety of lending experience ranging from originating commercial Loans for Millennium Bank to securing Preferred Financing for new residential developments around the State of Florida.

He came on with Pioneer Mortgage Funding Inc. as a Loan Officer in 2004 and quickly ascended to Officer Manager for the Gainesville Branch from 2006-1010. Oliver's number one goal on any transaction is to provide an honest, professional opinion regarding the scenario and then to customize a plan of action to meet the borrower's goals for that transaction.

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Oliver Woodbury
Loan Officer
(352) 222-4394
NMLS #389790

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