June 11, 2019 at 10:40am | Allison Ables
In the age of the internet, when there is more real estate information available at your fingertips than ever before, you might wonder why you even need a real estate agent. There are hundreds of listings in Gainesville and the surrounding areas of Alachua, High Springs, Newberry, and more than enough to search through on your own.

Thanks to total connectivity, you can use the same computer or phone to apply for a home loan that you do for house-hunting.

You can literally do it all yourself… and so why should you go through a real estate agent?

Gainesville and the surrounding small towns may add up to the big place we call Alachua County, but each area still has a small town feel. This carries over into the real estate markets, where many brokers, sellers, developers, and agents have all gotten to meet one another face to face over the years.

“It’s all in who you know,” people like to say. When you retain the services of a real estate agent, you get all the connections that they have made. This can open up new avenues for you, and possibly get you to some listings you might otherwise have missed.

Many agents also have connections with local lenders and other service providers, which can expedite the process of getting pre-qualified for a loan and closing.

Using a qualified Gainesville real estate agent gives you a level of protection other buyers don’t have. Not only do you have the reputation of an established agent or agency backing you, but you also have the experience they bring to the table.

This level of experience provides a buffer zone of protection that helps their buyers to find the best properties, lenders, and inspectors. Nothing can make the buying process go more smoothly than the efforts of an agent.

An Included  Service
When you are looking to buy a house, you will inevitably be spending a lot of money.

But you won’t be paying for the services of the real estate agents involved out of pocket. In our area, the seller will typically be responsible for paying a commission to the listing agents, and to the buyer’s agent when they have their home listed with a real estate agent and/or use a broker with a multiple listing service.

Yes, there will be closing costs and inspection fees, but there is no cost to you for using the services of an agent.

With that in mind, why wouldn’t you?

If you have questions – about buying, selling or renting – the team agents including Allison Ables at Watson Realty Corp. have answers! Call us at 352-371-1828 or email us today so we can help you navigate the ins and outs of the Gainesville real estate market.


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