April 22, 2019 at 11:20am | Allison Ables
Evolving technology and growing connectivity have made the world a much smaller place. One of the benefits of this smaller world is the number of fresh opportunities it opens it for real estate. In Alachua County real estate is a vibrant and exciting place outside of the Gainesville city limits.

If you can telecommute to school, or work from home, then you won’t need to commute to a larger town. This gives you the freedom to see all the amazing properties throughout Alachua County.

Beyond Gainesville
Gainesville is just the start, as Alachua County has abundant real estate in its more rural areas. It also offers an enormous variety of both sale and rental properties in the many quaint but thriving small towns of north-central Florida.

  • Newberry, with a deep history and a bright future
  • Alachua, rapidly becoming a hub of local small business
  • Jonesville, growing so quickly it will move from “suburb” to “city” anytime now
From Hawthorne to High Springs, from Archer to Waldo and all points in between, Alachua County real estate presents a world of opportunity.

For Settlement or Investment
The small communities of Alachua county all have one thing in common: they offer a great place to settle down. Be it to raise a family, retire, or simply to own land of your own, this area is filled with natural beauty and good people. For those who aren’t ready to settle down just yet, the Alachua county real estate market offers some exciting opportunities. As the city of Gainesville continues to grow and expand, the nearby towns and cities also grow. This steady growth will help to raise the value of homes and properties throughout all of Alachua county.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to settle down, or buy a house to renovate and resell, the team agents of Allison Ables Real Estate & Property Management have an array of properties to show you. For listings, information, or tours of available properties, contact us through email or call (352) 745-3969


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