September 17, 2018 | Allison Ables
Gainesville may be the heart of North Central Florida, but the small town of Alachua is the soul of the area. Being adjacent to larger cities makes a perfect midway point between the hustle and bustle of city life and the rustic beauty of a small town.

When searching for your next rental home, consider all that Alachua has to offer.

Natural Beauty
The amazing landscapes of the area are not simply a backdrop for the town of Alachua, they are an essential part of its fabric.  There are four community parks in Alachua, with sports and playground amenities, and that is just the beginning. In every direction are ways to explore and commune with nature. From the sprawling nature trails of the San Felasco Conservation Corridor to the many  natural springs and swimming holes, Alachua embraces and celebrates everything great about central Florida.

Local Charm
The local shops and restaurants of the downtown area are well known (and for good reason!) but they are only a small part of Alachua’s “local color.” This is the kind of town where you can still go and pick wild blueberries, or pay a visit to the Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm, and still have time to canoe or kayak in the afternoon.

Convenient Location
One of the biggest benefits of living in Alachua is how close you are to… well… pretty much everything. Being located alongside Florida’s “main drag” I-75 makes commutes and travel incredibly convenient, without all the traffic issues of larger cities. Alachua is only minutes away from both Gainesville and Lake City.

Price and Availability
The real estate market in Alachua has been growing steadily, just as the population has been rising since 2000. But because of a lower cost of living, it is still a great time to take advantage of rent often times much lower than that in Gainesville.

For more information of the rental homes currently available in the beautiful town of Alachua, call the team agents of Allison Ables Real Estate & Property Management. Not only can they find you a house that meets all of your needs, but they can even give you a tour of the area homes for sale, as well.

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