September 11, 2018 | Allison Ables
Thanks to the internet, there is more information about more properties than ever before. Potential homeowners and renters can spend vast amounts of time pouring through the online profile for homes. There is so much information out there, some people may feel like they can navigate the process on their own.

And you could… but there are very good reasons to let a real estate agent help you in your search for a new home.

Local Knowledge
What are the price differences between rental properties in Jonesville versus Gainesville? What new developments are available in Newberry? What's the scoop on downtown Alachua? Alachua County has a broad range of available properties, and a real estate agent makes their living by knowing all the details that maybe won’t show up in a search engine. Put that local experience to good use!

Current Prices and Market Conditions
Real estate agents keep their fingers on the pulse of the local housing market. Even the most minor price fluctuations, or changes in supply and demand, are studied and noticed by agents. Don’t rely on outdated data or price estimates from months ago. When it comes to housing, things can change in the blink of an eye. When you rely on a great real estate agent, you will always have the most current and accurate information available.

A good real estate agent is a professional negotiator. Unlike a landlord or a seller of a home, an agent can remain impersonal and emotionally detached from the proceedings. When you rely on a real estate agent, you are using the skills of a seasoned expert who will work in your best interest. Even if you are a skilled negotiator, or love the art of the deal, let a real estate agent handle the details for you. These are often small details that make the difference between closing on your dream home, being outbid on terms or price, or getting into a bad situation.

When it comes to details, there are few industries more mired in excess paperwork than real estate.  Even for a rental property, the amount of forms to fill out, initial and sign can be intimidating. And for a home purchase there are phone books that have fewer pages! Real estate agents deal with these forms and documents as their stock and trade. They can help you navigate the sea of paperwork ahead of you, and reduce it down to the bare essentials. While agents can't explain the details of the contract like your attorney could, they can guide you based on your personal needs and fill-in all of the required documents you need to buy or sell a home, making all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted.

One of the greatest advantages to using a real estate agent is that they are able to think outside the box. A skilled agent might have an idea outside of your original criteria, or an alternate solution to an obstacle. They can help you decide between buying or renting, they can offer housing options in other areas of Alachua county, or propose creative options you did not know you even had.

A good real estate agent doesn’t just work, they work for you.The team agents of Allison Ables Real Estate & Property Management want to work for you. Regardless if you are buying, renting, or selling, we offer a wide range of homes, apartments, and commercial spaces throughout Gainesville, Alachua, Newberry, and Jonesville. Call us today at (352) 371-1828.


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