May 12, 2019 at 9:55am | Allison Ables
Every homeowner wants to get the most out of their homes. Longevity, stability,  and comfort are key reasons for owning a home in the first place. When it comes time to sell, homeowners want to get the most they can from the property.

When selling your home in North Central Florida there are more things to consider than just the money. More and more often, real estate agents are counseling sellers to take a look at the bigger picture. Simply accepting the biggest offer may not be the best financial move.

Closing dates
Depending on how quickly you need the money from your home sale, the closing date could be a make-or-break part of the offer process.

What closing date works best for you? Keep this in mind when reviewing offers. Inspections, mortgage approval, attorney reviews, and other moving processes all take time.

If time is money, then an offer with the best closing date can be worth a lot more than face value.

Contingencies are always a part of the buying and selling process. Generally speaking, the fewer contingencies there are, the faster and easier the process becomes.

There are many different kinds of contingencies in a contract or offer. These can entail something as common as general as an inspection, or more specific health and safety tests (such as radon, well water, and mold). These are important, sometimes necessary, but they also entail a waiting period, and the owners wind up financially responsible for upgrades and repairs to the property.

Inspections, remodeling, and testing are all things that will cost you money and impact your bottom line.

There may also be contingencies for your buyer to sell their property or qualify for a loan.

Cash is king!
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In the parlance of our times, it means a lower offer in cash can be worth a lot more than a higher offer that needs funding approval.

Some things change, but cash stays the same. Getting cash offers for home purchases are rare but not unheard of. If you are given a cash offer, weigh all of your options against the amount of time and energy you will save in negotiating with a lender.

If you need help sorting out the specifics of your home offers, or if you want to receive a higher caliber of offers, contact the team agents including Allison Ables at Watson Realty Corp. Call today at 352-371-1828 or email Allison at or directly through the site.


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