July 06, 2019 at 1:30pm | Allison Ables
Maybe you are thinking about becoming a landlord in Gainesville, or perhaps you already are a landlord and are looking for ways to find the best caliber of tenant. The better the property, the better quality tenants you will attract, which puts more money in your pocket.

What are the features of a Gainesville property or home that these tenants value the most?

Proximity to Work and School
The quality of the schools in the area of your property is one of the most important factors to prospective tenants. An overwhelming number of potential renters will not even consider a property if it is zoned for inadequate or poorly-rated schools.

Similarly, the location of the home in relation to the job sites plays a large role in the decision of where to live. People don’t mind a longer commute for a great house at a good value… but they prefer something that is convenient to their work.

Safety and Security of the Neighborhood
A home that comes with security features is attractive, but what is far more important are low crime rates, reduced speed limits, and an overall sense of safety in the neighborhood.

Upgrades and Appliances
People are willing to pay for quality. A low rent price might attract more applicants, but you're only looking for one great tenant.

From appliances that normally come standard (refrigerator, stove, washer/dryer, water heater) to little extras to make the property stand out (hardwood floors, a Florida room or screen in porch, new countertops) each of these upgrades adds to the value of your property and will make it more appealing to the tenant you want.

Age and Condition
A tenant may not be financially responsible for repairs to a rental home, but they can still be inconvenienced by problems that come from an old or poorly maintained property.

This is Gainesville, after all, which is notorious for its humid summers. Even if they do not have to pay to fix a faulty A/C, they still will not want to contend with the inconvenience of a broken HVAC system. Older homes are prone to the problems that come with older roofs, electrical grids, and plumbing. These problems can factor in heavily with a potential renter's final decision.

Rent and Move-In Costs
Beyond the obvious cost of the monthly rent, what else does the tenant need to pay to be able to move in? First and last month’s rent? A security deposit? An application fee?

The rent is important, but the bottom line cost to get the tenant into the house is just as important.

If you want expert advice on how to increase the value of your property, or how to bring in the top tier tenants you want, call Allison Ables and the team at Watson Realty Corp. at 352-371-1828.


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