July 11, 2018 | Allison Ables
If you are currently searching for a new home, you may have considered the potential pros and cons of a house with a swimming pool. It does come with extra expenses, of course, but there is also an upside to having a pool on your property. Potential renters and buyers both should consider the following questions before deciding.

Work vs. Reward
Having and maintaining a pool comes with a considerable amount of work involved. Even if you hire a pool company to maintain the chemicals and cleanliness for you, there will be some work involved on your part. So the questions you need to ask yourself is – How much is “fun” worth? And will it be worth it for me?

For families with children, the answer may be simple. But if you are not a swimmer, and don’t enjoy frequent dips in a pool, there is little reason to sign yourself up for extra work and responsibility.

Expense and Upkeep
Owning a pool costs money. The PH of the water needs to be regularly tested and adjusted with chemicals. To stay in good condition the pool will need skimmed, cleaned, and scrubbed periodically. The pump and (optional) heater for the pool will also raise your utility bills. If you are on the fence about having a pool of your own, contact local pool companies and get an estimate of how much monthly upkeep will cost you.

Industry standards recommend (and in some states, require) that the liability insurance on a house with a pool have $500,000 coverage, instead of the normal $100,000. For some homeowners, this may add on as much as $75 or $100 per year to insurance premiums. In areas where swimming pools are common, this may be a little less.

A Pool Will Increase Your Property Values
Since we live in a part of the country where they can be enjoyed almost the whole year around, pools are usually very attractive to home buyers. If you take good care of your pool, it can be a good hook for buyers and renters.

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If you are only looking at a short-term rental property, then perhaps the extra expense that comes with a pool is not worth it. But if you are buying a home, having a swimming pool is a great way to add value to your home.

It also helps you beat the heat, and in Gainesville you can’t put a price on that!

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