June 22, 2018 | Allison Ables
There are few college campuses in the country that can compare to the University of Florida. The resplendent trees and lush landscaping, the marriage of historic buildings and modern art and architecture – UF campus is an esthetical wonder, but no matter how beautiful or comfortable it is, eventually everyone thinks about off-campus housing.

Leaving the dorms behind and establishing a home of your own is one of the hallmarks of the college experience.  It could not happen in a more magical town. Gainesville has consistently ranked as one the best places to live in America. Just earlier this year Livability made Gainesville its top pick in the state of Florida, and in the top 40 nationwide.

Like the campus itself, Gainesville is a place where modern meets classic. Contemporary apartment complexes exist right next door to neighborhoods steeped in local history. Gainesville offers something for everyone, no matter who you are, what you desire, or what your price range is.

The question isn’t “how do I find a nice place to live in Gainesville?” the real question is “how do I find the perfect place in Gainesville?”

How to Find the Best Off-Campus Housing
With so many excellent choices, you need to ask the hard questions. Only by gathering all the important information can you find the best possible house, condo, or apartment to fit your lifestyle.

Security: Not all houses come with alarm systems, and not all housing complexes have access gates. Before choosing your new home, make sure it has the comfortable level of security.

Parking: One thing that no one ever misses about campus life is the parking situation. Convenient parking at UF is like a Bigfoot; people claim they exist, but they are elusive. When you rent or buy your own home, parking should never be a concern again.

Transportation to and from Campus: Off-campus life wouldn’t be as convenient without a quick and easy way to get to class. Many housing communities have dedicated bus routes for students. Public transportation is always free for students. Ask about your transportation options before making your final decision.

Neighborhood: Perhaps you want a quiet family-friendly neighborhood, or maybe you want to live closer to the downtown action. From rustic communities to modern upscale developments, Gainesville has a dazzling array of variety in housing. What kind of neighborhood is right for you?

Cost & Utilities: The “bottom line” might be a make-or-break detail for you. Determine what your budget is, and don’t be hesitant to ask for cost estimates… not just for the rent, but for everything else, too! A real estate expert can give you the facts and figures that keep your wallet full and your lights on.

Cable and Wifi: Gone are the days when internet access was optional. This is especially true for students, who need 24/7 online capabilities for research, submission of assignments, and connectivity with the school. Be sure to ask what service options your new neighborhood offers.

Amenities: What extras does the community or complex offer its new tenants? A swimming pool, tanning room, and gym may be all included in the cost of the rent. Is there a lawn service? Free trash pickup?  

Your Personal Tour Guide for Off-Campus Housing
To streamline the process, contact Allison Ables Real Estate for expert advice and insight into the Gainesville housing market. Allison Ables can answer every question you have, and help you buy the home of your dreams.


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