October 22, 2018 | Allison Ables
Jonesville might be the worst-kept secret in the Gainesville housing market. Located just on the western edge of Gainesville, Jonesville has been rapidly growing and establishing itself as a premier community for professionals and families.

Quiet, But Never Dull
One of the great things about Gainesville is the enthusiasm and energy of the town. Because of the University of Florida, the fighting Gators, and the constant influx of new people the city is always full of life, has a boisterous personality.

Not everyone wants to live in a boisterous city. Jonesville is the perfect alternative for those who love everything that the area has to offer while enjoying a quieter way of life. Located midway between Gainesville and Newberry, you're never very far away from the action. But thankfully that action won’t be celebrating in your back yard at 3 in the morning.

Hub of Local Business
As the number of houses and subdivisions in Jonesville grew, so did the business community. Grocery stores, artisans, banks, medical and dental specialists, and more places to eat than a person could handle in a week. In addition to a golf course, fitness centers, and a sports center, Jonesville also offers a spectacular public park to its residents. Amenities for tennis, baseball, track and field, soccer, and even disc golf. Although Jonesville is not incorporated as a part of Gainesville, it does feature the same level of excellence in its public parks and facilities.

Free Tour of Jonesville Real Estate Opportunities
As more and more people move to the Gainesville area, the town of Jonesville will continue to grow at a fast pace. Combining the geographical proximity to an urban hub with a quiet, suburban way of life is the best of both worlds.
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