June 06, 2019 at 2:20pm | Allison Ables
The picturesque town of Newberry is just stone’s throw away from Gainesville, and yet it is in its own world. It is the sort of quiet, small-town many people remember from their youth. Isn’t it nice to know places like this still exist?
But Newberry does more than exist, it is a historic town that has experienced a resurgence, and has been growing for the last ten years.

Whether you are hunting for a new rental house or looking to purchase, take a closer look at everything Newberry homes have to offer.

Modern Meets Classic
Although Newberry is rich in history, dating back to 1894 when the first Post Office was established here. Just because it has deep roots doesn’t mean the town doesn’t have modern homes and convenient amenities.

This is a town that has been growing steadily and has become more diverse over the last decade. The housing market has grown as well, with rental houses and apartments as well as many homes for sale, a diverse blend of new construction and classic structures.

Notable Newberry
For such a small town, Newberry sure does have a lot of offer on a national stage.

The charming Historic District has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places for over 30 years.

The massive Champions Park draws over thirty thousand visitors a year to the town. With sixteen different baseball fields, it has become one of the best-known tournament settings for baseball and softball in North Central Florida.

The Eastern Newberry Sports Complex is known worldwide as one of the best archery venues in America. They teach the National Training System of USA Archery, and the facility has been recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as one of the only programs strong enough to train both athletes and archery coaches.

All of this, plus the stunning landscapes and gorgeous wide-open countryside that makes North Central Florida so special.

Let us Help You Find Your Newberry Home 
The easiest way to get started house-hunting in Newberry is to call Allison Ables at Watson Realty Corp at 352-371-1828. Our team of experienced agents know Newberry inside and out, and can help you find the homes best suited to your needs.

We will also be happy to set up a guided tour for you, so you can see for yourself everything this scenic small town has to offer.


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